I have absolutely NO idea why this works, but I just did it for the first time and WOW. Perfectly formed curls that aren't limp, oc'ed or too producty. Del, you genius, you! Ah-mazing.

I did spritz and condish to the letter (had to spray a little extra water in midway through the condish part). Only used a LI (no curl creme today as I am having CC issues), some gel and now I am air-drying as per usual. My curls love me today. Seriously, between spritz and condish and laying off of my curl creme, this is my best hair day yet!

Now if I can only stop myself from playing with them all day. Truly my downfall. I love to "boing" them and by the end of the day they are frizzy little ghosts of what they were earlier in the day. Ha.

Thanks again, Del!!!!
3a/and that one odd straight hair! Medium iii. Low porosity. Likes protein once in a blue moon, but only followed by moisture. Hates glycerin.