Where I'm confused is this. I'm very porous, yet when I put a conditioner, which is water-based over dry hair and then hop in the shower and rinse, my hair isn't drying in any less time.
Actually I spritz my hair daily and often nightly before putting it up with my mix of water, GF Fortifying Conditioner, evoo and many times when I don't need a co-wash I just jump in and rinse. Other times, if I need a little extra conditioning before a co-wash, I first spritz on my mixture, and then work in extra GF or another conditioner or maybe skip the extra condish and do straight up evoo, put on my plastic cap and go about business for 30 mins. to an hour and hop in the shower and scrub the scalp and rinse. Still my hair is damp several hours later, but then I don't dry it loose, but up in a bun, high pony or twists. Are you all drying your hair loose? Is that what I'm missing? This routine that I'm doing now I only started about 3.5 weeks ago because I was suffering serious dryness and can say I'm so past that and my curls are popping once again.
I'm gonna try this S&C as laid out and NOT put my hair up and report back tomorrow a.m., I can still use my spritz mix after right? PS...my hair day before yesterday....
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