Perhaps the interaction of ammonia residue in your T-shirt/towel mixed badly with the conditioner. FYI: ammonia is one of the strongest, most damaging respiratory irritants. Waaay more damaging to your lung & sinus tissue than mildew could ever be. I don't even allow it in my house. The fumes from leftover residue in textiles is enough to give me an asthma attack. If you really like using it, I'd consider at least setting your washer to the extra rinse cycle. But borax does the same thing, & is safe for skin, kids, your drains, & the waterways.
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Wow, that sounds bad. I don't use it myself but sometimes my mother in law uses it on the floors and it is hard to breathe I feel. I had no idea it was that strong.

So what is Borax? Never heard of that.

I have noticed some times that it can be hard to make towels smell fresh even after they are washed. I have started to wash them on hot and that has done the trick so far, actually better than when I used this bleached based powder.