So, I successfully made a double batch of this stuff today. I went by BB's directions and added a tb of avg and a few drops of apricot oil. I decided to go ahead and reuse the seeds and made my 2nd batch the same way. I guess it turned out the way it was supposed to, totally feeling the snot vibe!! Ick- LOL!! So anyway, I let it cool then cowashed and loaded this stuff into my hair like nobody's business, I mean I must have used a half cup in my almost bsl hair so I'm sure that had to have been enough. It has done nothing good for my hair. I scrunched a few times after the application then plopped while I made dinner, maybe an hour or so. My 2b/c hair is limp and frizzy!!! I really really want to like this stuff after reading all of the raving about it and am soooooo sad =( ! I have a little over half cup left so I know I'll give it another try but after that I'll not bother with the mess of it if I still don't like it. How disappointing!!! Might I mention that my hair is not 100% dry yet, but is dry enough that I can't imagine any magic happening.
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