Curl Pattern: Not sure- I think 2b, maybe 2c with the right products/techniques?
Texture: medium
Porosity: not sure- the first time I tried, the hair didn't sink at all, the second time, right away...
Density: med/thick
Elasticity: Low (I think- it is hard to pull my hair- it is so slick that my fingers slide right off!)
Characteristics: Flat top, no root curl, straight underneath, very frizzy (particularly top canopy), front and back is less wavy than sides (the front right side in particular), weak waves and poofy with no product

CG/ModCG/not CG: I'm starting my fourth week- modCG (need low-poo sometimes for my oily scalp)

Hair ingredient likes: still learning
Hair ingredient dislikes: still learning, but I think mineral oil

Hard/Soft Water: Hard water with a filter on the shower head

HG/Go-to Products: haven't found them yet

Average climate/dew points: Connecticut- got pretty much everything

Fall/Winter combos:
Spring/Summer combos:

Favorite styling techniques and why: right now I'm doing a modified icequeen, scrunch in gel and do a 5 minute plop, clip (I'm also "clip challenged" so sometimes I get some weirdness- but without it I've got a bit of pyramid head), air dry WITHOUT TOUCHING

Techniques that didn’t work and why: Touching my hair while it is still damp (which I still do because I'm impatient)- major frizz

Hair Twins: Haven't found one yet.
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2b, oily scalp, dry hair, thick (iii), medium texture, medium porosity,low elasticity- prone to canopy frizz!
modified CG since 8/29/10
currently using:
low-poo: DevaCurl Low Poo (in summer)
no-poo: DevaCurl No Poo (in winter)
co-wash and LI: DevaCurl One Condition
styler: DevaCurl AnGEL (in winter), Nancy Boy gel (in summer- has no glycerin)
Pixie diffuse upside down til just damp, clip the hell out of it, and let air dry (or use bonnet dryer), SOTC

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