Elithia, thanks for your reply. Do you use raw cocoa butter? Do you just let it melt in your hand and distribute it through your hair? Have you heard of Del2c's spritz&condish method? Here is a link: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...ad.php?t=89299 It works wonders on dry hair. I love it! And I hope to prevent dry ends with this method. My hair is very moisturized and soft. And I've tried a lot of products hunting for more moisture...And all I needed was a different method.
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Hmm, that looks interesting. What I do right now is working pretty well for me, but if it reaches a point where it doesn't (it's so weird when that happens but sometimes there's a shift and suddenly what's been going great isn't helping anymore) I might try that.

I really should use raw cocoa butter, but I use cocoa butter cream, the thick thick lotion stuff, which has additives but nothing awful, at least not last time I checked. I started using it because I put it all over my body after I shower and one day I wondered if it would help with my dry ends. And it seems to . . . so go figure . . . .
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