Hello All,

I have 3c hair in the back of my head, but my canopy is damaged from wear n tear, and barely has curl. It has some curl at the roots, but barely has waves as the length goes. I want the front to look like it does in the back! Underneath my canopy is beautiful tight curls. Am I lacking protein or keratin on the canopy of my head? Should I do a treatment to get it back like the rest? I honestly am thinking about cutting it because of the frustration!

I am also thinking about going natural in my shampoos and conditioners. I was a addict of lathering poos, but it's time to end that relationship. I've been trying out Carol's Daughter Hair Milk curl booster, Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, and Hair Elixer, but I let it air dry and it's just weighed down and looks like a jerry curl every time!

I don't do a deep conditioner, and my hair honestly looks better as the time goes by. I want that big curly everywhere look!...any advice??