Thanks pedaheh....I do protein treatments when I need too and usually use ORS Replenishing Pak a few times a month and I have a few more weeks before I can do another Aphogee 2 Step if I find it to be necessary. BTW, I do believe I stated that I have corrected my dryness. As for everyday products....yes.
Well andyways, I spritzed this a.m. until slightly damp and conditioned with GF Fortifying Conditioner. I put on a processing cap and meant to jump in the shower within the's been going on half the day now lol! As soon soon as I'm finished with this reply I'm headed for the shower!! I was hoping someone would reply to my question about how you all are drying the hair, whether plopping or not, hanging loose, ponying, bunning, etc. in regards to cutting the drying time down? I guess I do what I do normally and either put my hair up in a curly puff, or two-strand twists for a twist-out tomorrow . I dunno... I might just put my stuff in and do a wash-n-go (been a while) and since I've never plopped before, maybe this will be as good a time as ever to learn aye?