I've placed 3 orders from there. All 3 in late November/early December. All 3 orders were messed up. First one was missing my Angell and second one was missing my Jessicurl Weekly Deep conditioner. I called and they said they would fix it. a week went by and nothing. another 1 and still nothing. So I called again and this girl was extremely helpful but said she didn't see where there had been a problem I told her I called and she said she would fix it. So within 4 days I received my Angell and Jessicurl WDT plus an extra Angell. Then the 3rd order arrives and I got alot of stuff so I just now was getting around to using my B&A gel. Went to get it a few minutes ago and its the protein conditioner not the get?

Are they always this unorganized? I don't want more conditioner! I want the gel! Thanks for letting me rant
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Ugh. I'm mortified. I'm so very sorry. I promise; we're not idiots, though I can see where you might think we are. Please call (888-249-9250) or email curlmart@naturallycurly.com, and we'll get you fixed up. Again, our deepest apologies.
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