Thanks pedaheh

Well, I tried this both yesterday and today and personally it made no difference what-so-ever. My hair was none-the less wetter for than usual nor any more moisturized the first time and only slightly better today.
I spritzed with plain water and conditioned with GF Sleek-n-Shine Fortifying Conditioner both times...yesterday I waited well over 5 hours under a processing cap, and today I just pinned it up and was in the shower within the hour. I barely got my hair wet and processed to co-wash and finger comb; rinsed out. Got out and used my water/conditioner/evoo mix as my leave-in and put up in high wasn't fully dry until after midnight.
This a.m. after rinsing I added more condish and lightly rinsed but not thoroughly. Put hair up in a towel while I dried off and than instead of my usual leave-in mix, I used about a quarter size amount of straight GF and sealed with evoo. I could tell any difference in moisture until I was about 50% air-dried in a high curly afro puff (about 2 hours) and then proceeded to put in about 8 large twists to complete drying. It feels a bit more moisturized today, but possibly the GF I used for the leave-in is responsible for that. Hair is just now about 90% dry and it has been 9 hours total.