So I've been wondering on this method. I would read it over and over and be skeptical about it before caving and trying it a few days ago. I have 3b with some 3c porous and fine/medium texture and I've noticed that it's been difficult to retain moisture lately. So, I spritzed and used GVP conditioning balm about 5mins prior to my shower and although it felt nice to rinse and add more conditioner, I really don't feel like it did much more than that. I mean....doesn't the hair soak up just as much water as it would without the S&C method after you rinse out the conditioner that you applied before the shower? That's what I felt like my hair was doing, so therefore what was the point to add conditioner before the shower? I'm definitely not saying that this method doesn't work or trying to put it down in any way, I'm just trying to analyze it in a way that I can put sense to it. I mean it DOES make some sense to me when I read it, but after my conditioner is rinsed out I feel like my hair is just absorbing the same amount of water as it would if I haddn't pre-condished.

Anyone else agree? I want this method to work for me as it has for others, but I'm still not sure if what I'm predicting is fact or fiction, or if I'm just over-analyzing all together, LOL.
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