Hi Curlscout! Welcome to the crazy world of curls. First, (((Hugs))) to give you a little support after what you've been through. I had surgery on a brain tumor last year and my head was shaved in two places. My silly lovable brother said I looked like Clarabelle the clown (which may be before your time).

Anyway, it is tough to find the right products for your curls. You may want to look at Kathymack's page (she's on this website) and she sends little samples of lots of stuff. That way, for very little cash you can try out many products.

Also, you may want to post on the general board. You'll get more answers that way, and also post and read up on the 2 and 3 boards. A lot has to do with the dewpoint - which is a combination of the temperature and humidity - you may want to do a search for "dewpoint" and read up on that, and also what technique you use. In general, don't comb or brush your hair, shampoo as infrequently as possible and don't rub your hair in a towel. Treat it gently.

Good luck with everything! I'll look for your posts. You may also find it fun to check out the non-hair board.
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift