Hi CurlScout,

The most important thing is that you are healthy now. Aesthetics become a secondary issue when one undergoes circumstances like yours. Now that you are back on track, you can focus on the small things of life but, surely, we sometimes don't realise how we take our health for granted.

The formation of curly hair has been proposed with different theories, one being that the hair grows out in an asymmetrical fashion from the root. One plausible theory as to how you now have curly hair could be that the chemo has damaged or modified the hair shaft in such a way so that it starts forming new hair in an uneven fashion. I am simply speculating as you seem curious as to this new effect. Regardless, congrats on the curls!

My only advice as you grow your curls is to take care of them with some oil (coconut oil is a good product) and make sure to remove any knots or matting as soon as you see them. Once knots are formed, they take a lot of effort to break if chopping the hair is not what you want.