Thanks Redcelt,

Wheat or Silk protein are the worst for me. Actually, I can use it one time and my hair will look great... can't use it 2 times in a row.. all hell breaks lose.

But I do pretty well with HOPS, since right now I am addicted to Devacurl One Conditioner....... So far it's the best conditioner I have ever used on my hair. Going to use it till my hair rejects it, which I hope is not soon!

I'm going to try and add a little FOTE AVG to the homemade FSG I have been making and see how it does..

Keep your fingers crossed!
  • 3c & 3b, Normal Porosity, Very Very Coarse and Protein Sensitive
  • Shampoo: Deva Curl No Poo, Kinky Curly Come Clean
  • Conditioner: Deva Curl One, Castor Oil,
  • Styling: Expiramenting with FSG

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