It's ME again.

I always thought the Intense Protection was more of a leave-in than a rinse out, so I never really compared it to the Healthy Condition.

The IP-Fine hair is actually thicker than the IP-Thick. They're both fairly heavy, creamy products. I never got the knack of distributing them on my fine hair. You could use them as a rinse-out, but they come in a tub, not a bottle and I think the tub is 4 oz so with your long hair it wouldn't last long.

I like the Healthy conditioner as a rinse-out in the summer. It's light and rinses out really clean. For me, it's comparable to Oyin Honey Hemp and JessiCurl Aloeba although of the 3, I like it the best because it rinses out the cleanest (for me).

The Hibiscus Banana deep treatment is really, really thick. I guess it's comparable to Curls Asian Tea? except maybe a little thicker. It didn't work well for me as a quickie rinse out, but I get great softness, shine & bounce from leaving it in under the gel cap for an hour or so.
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