She was so excited I wanted something new! She took off about 2 inches, so now my hair is a bit below my collarbone, which is about the shortest I ever want it. curly, it'll probably be above my shoulders (cringe), but if I don't like it, I'll keep it straight until it's a good curly length. I've got bangs now. They're a bit shorter than I wanted, but still long and I'm not disappointed. I really like it. It'll take some time getting used to it, but I'm pleased, and my mom likes it too, so that's a plus. I came home and my brother said, "You know what wouldl look awesome with that? Black highlights!" And he's totally right. Just a few peaking out from underneath. I've always wanted a sleeker, edgier cut, and while this is still fairly "normal," it's also edgier than anything I've had, and I'm really dying for those highlights. I'm looking at a semi-permanent color, but do those just fade out? I don't want to touch them up or have to dye my hair back to my normal color. I just want something that fades out after a month or two of shampoos. I also don't know how I'd do them, other than going back to my stylist and having her do them. Especially after today, I totally trust her (and she's amazing with color--she did highlights for me in high school that were killer), but I don't know if I want to drop the money on it.
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