Curl Pattern: Mostly 2b-2c, 2a underneath (Fia)
Texture: fine-medium (finest in back, underneath top layer)
Porosity: low-medium (my hair strands float in water and although I don't feel 'bumps' going up the hair strand, it makes sounds like a squeegee and catches in that way)
Density: thick
Elasticity: normal, I think
Characteristics: inconsistent; front curls around face curliest , hair gets really curly in high dews and humidity, but can cause it to frizz, get big and poofy, and swell up; if I add oil or butters to my dry hair, it doesn't immediately soak in; too much coconut oil makes my hair stringy; my hair naturally likes to clump, even when I do nothing to enhance that; not only does it clump, but I have curls in the front that hook into each other and turn into sausage curls; canopy frizz that an ex-boyfriend cutely called my 'halo'

CG/ModCG/not CG: Modified

Hair ingredient likes: Not sure what individual stuff it likes yet
Hair ingredient dislikes: Still not sure - dislikes may be weather specific

Hard/Soft Water: slightly hard

HG/Go-to Products: Before I went CG, Tigi Curls Rock; after, I've liked BRHG, though I'm not sure any of these are HGs.

Average climate/dew points: hot humid summers, cold winters

Fall/Winter combos: working on it
Spring/Summer combos: BRHG worked well

Favorite styling techniques and why: still experimenting, but when I have the patience, Pixiecurl diffusing method is really nice in bringing out defined curls
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Skip curl - it didn't help with the curl. I think this technique works best for hair that has a lot of flyaways when wet - mine doesn't and twisting it didn't do all that much for me. It works ok on some of my hair, but overall, it's not worth it for me.
Fia: 2b-2c/Fine-Medium/iii (Thick)
Low-Poo: Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo, Shampoo bars
Co-Wash: Trader Joe's Refresh, CJ Daily Fix, CFT Creamy Curl Cleanser
Rinse-out: Trader Joe's Nourish, GFTN, Aubrey Organics GPB
Leave-in/Curl Creme: Marie Dean Curly Styling Creme
Gel: BRHG, homemade FSG, CJ Curl Queen, Deva AnGel
Hair likes: Protein, FSG, high dewpoints
Hair dislikes: coconut oil on dry hair