Oh man! I am so glad to find other Indians on NC! I'm Bengali, and I have 2c/3a hair. My mom's sisters (all 6 of them) have gorgeous, thick, long, straight hair (a la Parachute hair oil commercials). They would sit in a line and spend hours combing it and putting oil in it and braiding it, and eventually their nieces and nephews were delegated this task. My mom, in her early 20s, chopped off all her hair and got an easy-to-manage permed bob. She's a complete tomboy and doesn't touch makeup or hair products and she had no desire to learn how to do "girly" things with me, so until I was about 18, I had a boycut. It was pretty straight until I hit puberty and then the curls started coming in. Of course, with short hair, my hair just got denser and denser instead of actually forming curls, but when I started growing my hair out, it was definitely pretty curly. Until about 3 weeks ago when I discovered CG, I mostly straightened my hair or on lazy days, put it up in a bun. If I wanted curly hair for a nice occassion, I would straighten it and then curl it to have manageable curls. But I've always wanted nice curly hair, but my hair is just so frizzy and dry - it looks disgusting, so here I am, a newly converted CG!

Thanks a ton for starting this thread by the way!


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