Hi I'm new to CG (about 3 weeks in), and I am still trying to figure out a bunch of stuff.

My current beginners routine:
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Green Apple Conditioner
Rinse-out: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner
Leave-in: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner
Gel: LA Looks Curl Gel and Aloe Vera Gel
Plop for half an hour and air dry
Deep Treatment: Olive oil or Coconut oil

I posted on the Beginner's introduction thread a few weeks ago, and maybe I'm being impatient but nobody is really responding there so this might be a good place to try? I've been having a few problems - I know it can take a little bit of time for CG to really kick in, but I think these might be issues that are related to my routine...

I'm a little bit confused about my porosity. I ran my finger along one strand, and it feels rough (I don't think it catches on anything), but it definitely feels rough. So I assumed that meant my hair was porous. But my hair does take a little bit of time to get wet in the shower and definitely takes some time to dry. And I tried to use a protein gel (Proclaim Curl Activator gel). My hair HATES it. It gets dry and stringy and straw-like. I know this should be a no-brainer, but does this mean my hair is, in fact, not very porous? Why does it feel rough then?

My hair tends to get frizzy by midday.. Is there anything I can do to fix that and maybe refresh the curls? I've tried scrunching in a bit of aloe vera and water, but it just makes my hair more frizzy and less defined.

My curls in general aren't too defined and some days I get clumping, but it looks sorta fuzzy or wooly. Does anyone else know what I mean by that? And some days, I get stringy hair. I read about the super-soaker method a few days ago and wanted to try it, but I can't find a decent DRUGSTORE curl creme that's CG-friendly... Any suggestions?

Also my canopy has decent curl formation, but everything underneath that is just limp waves. Can I do anything to make that part a bit more curly - it looks awkward with my layers!

And last but not least, is there something I can buy at a drugstore to SOTC? I just use my hands but it makes my hair frizzy and lose definition and start to get that fuzzy/wooly texture again. :-/