Hi Ladies!!

I just went on AV's website to realize that her 8oz butters now cost close to $22 dollars and her 16oz $36 dollars !!!! I love her butters and hair oils but has she gone mad????? I refuse to pay that much for an 8 oz. I don't care how good her products but that's just insane!

Anyone know of other alternatives to this overpriced line, especially with respect to butters?

I am SO mad and disappointed with Afroveda! UGH!!!!
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Oh she done lost her dayum mind. That's dayum near Miss Jessies' prices. Well I guess I won't be purchasing from her anymore. I mean how in the heck can you justify more than doubling almost tripling the price of your product in less than two years? I know supply prices have increased but DAYUM.

I would suggest the Shea Moisture line from Target.
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This is crazy!!! I remember paying $9 for an 8 oz of Cocolatte earlier this year. Nine dollars! Now you're telling me the same product is worth close to 3x as much????

I'm just so mad because AV was one of my staples. Now I have to find alternatives. *sigh*

Even Qhemet hasn't raised their prices. Why AV?
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