Okay I`ve never really had issues with dry scalp, but since my BC I`ve noticed that my hair/ scalp is prone to more dryness and itchiness. I`ve never particularly needed to "grease" my scalp, but gosh I think I need to now. I can`t deal with the flakes and I`m not entirely sure what to do at this point. I already use grapeseed oil on my hair, but I never actually use it on my scalp (I try to avoid buildup that might prevent growth). I need help on what I can do about this . . .

I shampoo once a week (every Saturday) since I don`t want to encourage anymore dryness than I already deal with. I use either KC Come Clean or Trader Joe's Nourish Spa shampoo and I style with KCKT and then the KCCC.

Could any of those products maybe be the cause? My actual curls love those products, but my scalp is kicking me. Help. (<- literally).
last relaxer; 082708, BC; 081810, CG; 122410
high porosity, med/coarse texture, high density, color treated
condish;TN, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair stylers; Heaven in Hair, DevaCurl Curl Cream oils;Castor Oil

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