Borax is a mineral compound that removes hard deposits off clothing to help leave them cleaner, according to Wikipedia it's toxic in rather small concentrations (see here) but I guess the commercially sold one is safe. I think I saw borax at Wal-mart, "20 Mule Team" brand or something like that.

P.S. Vinegar kills both mold and mildew so it came from the water after the rinse.
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Well, I'm certainly not advocating that anyone eat borax. 20 Mule Team Borax comes in a box & has been around since at least my grandma's day. It's considered very gentle & safe. You can wash baby clothes in it. It does lots of neat stuff, & unlike vinegar has no scent or fumes: it can substitute for abrasive scrubs like Comet for your tub; be added to your laundry as a non-toxic bleach alternative; it will retard mold growth (you simply have to leave it on longer than toxic stuff. I dilute it with water, spray it on shower tile & in toilet & let it sit overnight, then rinse it off.) Oh, & my favorite! It's great for flea issues. Yep, you sprinkle it on carpet, let sit about 20 min, then vacuum up. It works by dissolving the hard armor shell on the nasty things, without which they can't survive. But not toxic to the humans or pets.

I learned about the wonders of borax after I moved from a dry climate -- where mold & fleas are non-issues -- to the humid NW.
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Sounds good. I am not fond of strong chemicals so I am gonna see if I can find Borax in the store. Thanks!