I am mixed. Yes, I get the question and I know it's because of my hair. Cause otherwise I definitely look like a person of color...and they are usually looking directly at my hair when they ask. And I know it's because they don't expect a black person to have looser curls and a soft look to their hair in it's natural state...so they assume that I MUST be mixed with something other than black cause how else could I have this hair... silly, nu ? LOL!
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all of this...except i'm not biracial.

i think once i get past the ignorance of "you can't be *insert race here* because of your hair" the only thing i find super annoying and maybe even slightly offensive is when somebody insists that i'm lying. why lie about it??? its not that serious!
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LMAO at both your comments...My sister and I were approached in the Mall last week by two guys who asked if we were biracial. Not because of our looks because we are both a good shade of brown but because of our hair. Both of us wear our hair natural and always have. When we said no they look at us like we were lying. Then were like you are mixed with something and maybe your family is hiding it.
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