Now let me state upfront that my wavy hair has been looking great since I started coming here. But boy is it a lot of work. I had decided to stop blowdrying my hair straight for the summer because it's just too hot. But now I find I need to use the blowdrier (with a diffuser) in order to have decent wavy hair too! If I don't blowdry at least halfway, my wave pattern is limp. So I'm spending just as much time--if not more--styling my hair wavy as I was when I was styling it straight.

Then, when I do achieve nice waves, I can't touch my hair, run my fingers through it, lean my head on anything...without disrupting the wave pattern and turning into a limp, frizzy mess. Heck, I can't even shake my head hard! So frustrated! And forget second day hair. It never happens when I go "au naturale". My curl pattern's just not strong enough to last through sleeping, even on a satin pillow.

Sometimes I feel ready to just give up but then thanks to great products like the Jessicurl stuff, I have an awesome hair day and think, "Maybe I don't need to move my head to be happy in life..." Sigh.

Anyone else frustrated by the woes of a wavie?
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