Frusturated is an understatement..

I just don't even know what to do with my hair anymore!
I tried CG and it looked good for like a week and then looked like crap.. I go back to shampoo and it still looks like crap.. I am just feeling soo frusturated.

And then if my hair does look decent and might have a few curls.. then its extremely frizzy.. there is like no in between with my hair. And its fine so I'm always trying not to weigh it down too much..

Flippit: When I sleep my hair gets ruined also.. I wake up and its everywhere!!

I am trying to accept my wavy/curly hair.. but its really hard when it always looks consistently good when I straighten it.. sigh.. i just don't even know what to do anymore..
2b/3a, fine, thick, dry hair
Past shoulder length, gets wavy when longer and curly when shorter.