will keep everyone posted on "Perfect Wavy Product Search '04".
These are the things I know for sure:
Wavies are not straight, wavies are not curlies, wavies are sometimes straight and sometimes curly depending on the weather and time of day. Wavy hair almost NEVER looks the same way twice...EVER. This is frustrating in that a product that makes your hair look good one day but not the next. A curl enhancer may woek great one day when your haie decides it is in a 'curly" mood, but the next day it may want to be sraight and the sme product will look gunky & dirty. One day a light leave in may produce full sof waves...add some hunidity next day & you have uncontrollable frizz. wavy hair is extremely sensitive to over/under conditioning and improper use of styling products. Wavy hair can look amazing, but often due to some cleansing/conditioning/styling/meteoralogical imbalance it can also look like hell. wavy haie probably has more "bad hair days" that straight ore true curlies bechuase our hair is largely schzophrenic, two-faced & generally unreliable. People with wavy hair have to have a great sense of humor. Wavy haired people have to be able to adapt at a moment's notice and accept change, because our hair can, and will go from curly to wavy to pin straight just by adding or removing a ponytail elastc or barrette. I think the best wavies can hope for is a styling cream with NO hold, no silicone, no protien that will define & defrizz our waves yet leave one able to run one's fingers completely through it without creating a heap of frizz. I don't know much, but Damnit, I know my hair. Here's hoping someone out there will be creative like jJss McGuinty and develop a line just for wavies...maybe "Wonderful Waves". who knows. one can hope though.
"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"