What's your curl type? I'm a 3A, but much looser when a stylist dries it. It's funny, because every hair stylist I've been to says my hair isn't all that curly, but they really just don't know how to do it. They rough it up with their hands and say, "See? It won't shrink that much." When I dry my hair curly, it's been known to shrink several inches. I keep saying I'll go in with my hair curly one time just so she could see, but I always forget, until she reminds me that her hair is curlier than mine. From what I've seen, it's not, but ok.

I'm liking the style more today than I did yesterday, but I got to do it myself this morning. My boyfriend did not react well to the black lowlights/highlights/whatever suggestion ("But your hair is so pretty! Don't ruin it!"), so maybe I'll just pass on them. He's been a sport with me losing some length (he cringes a little every time I say I'm getting a cut--he says he likes my hair equally straight and curly, but his hands are all up in it when it's curly ), and he said he really likes the cut, so I'll stop the changes here for now. This may be my new standard cut for a while, though. It'll be ok in a professional setting, but it's also less... prissy for the rock shows I go to.
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