I, for one, an tired of trying to be something I am not. My hair is not straight. My hair is not curly. My hair is not consistent. My hair is my hair. I do not want to be constantly trying to make my hair do things it is not meant to do. Sometimes people criticize curlies for blowing out their curls all the time & using straightening balms and flatirons. The same for straighties who repeatedly get perms to be curly. I think I as a wavy am the biggest faker of all, for we are constantly either straightening our waves & trying desperately to keep it from frizzing up, or be are loading on curl enhancing products or forgoing washing our hair and sleeping with our hair in certain 'positions all to make it look curly (which it is NOT). We put ourselves through the most hell because we are in neither category and we don't know what to do with our hair. If you are awavy then you already know that your hair is schizophrenic, you can be a bouncy curly girl one day and a sleek straighty the next, and a pouffy fuzz ball more often than not. Did you ever notice that a straighty is usually always straight, and a curly is usually always curly? (more or less, ther are some exceptions as I am sure will be brought to my attention) I am throwing in the towel. I WANT to move my head, I WANT to touch my hair, I WANT my children to youch my hair, I really want my husband to touch my hair, i WANT to sleep on my hair & not worry about it. Thanks to you wonderful women i have discovered the value in becoming ingredient literate when it comes to hair care products, and I am learning constantly through other's experiences and advice. I have decided i am not worrying about my hair anymore. I am commited to using the best product ingredient-wise to cleanse and condition and deep-treat my hair. I am no longer going to use more than one tyling product on my hair or attempt to contort it into styles and textures that it is not meant to be. I am freeing my waves. freeing them to be what they are and to keep them as healthy as possible. if i have a frizzy day I will not be dousing my hair in products or diffusing or moulding anything. i am putting it in a ponytail. My hair will not be more important than my life. I am only speaking for myself, I do not presume to speak for anyone else, wavy-haired or otherwise, so please do not be offended. I will always love to try a new product, but I'm slowly identifying what my hair needs...a leave in conditioning-type that will help controll the frizz & create some shine & define loosely, but NEXT-TO-NO HOLD. For me, hold = bad hair. because my hair changes so much throughout the day, hold is counter-effective. If i use a product with lots of hold in it, mu hair will "appear" curly in the morning, but through the day if i tuck my hair behind my ears or touch it or put it up, my hair looks horrible, really horrible. stringy - half & half & gross. My hair needs to be free to switch personalities through the day, and so far, no holding products have helped, they may look great for awhile, but it is short lived. I find the leave in conditioners tend to be more what I need. I am soooo excited to find out that jessicurls new cream product will be!!!!!! anyway, I am done my catharsis, if you have read this entire rant, please treat yourself to a cookie or some ice cream, you deserve it!
"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"