What leave in do you use for styling? and if you have ever looked at my pictures, is our hair similar?
I honestly have not found one product yet that I am %100 happy with. I am still in the process of letting go of all of the ideas in my head about how my hair "should look" and focusing now on how it should feel. I have ordered a beauty without cruelty revitalizing leave in recommended by wonderlywroughte (sp??) and i await Jessicurl's new product this fall, it sounds great. what I am doing now is shampooing every 2-3 days, depending on how sweaty my hair gets . I am using aveda sap moss shampoo which has no cones and no sulfates. it doesn't lather much, but more than most sulfate-free poos I've tried. I am really enjoying biolage conditioning balm, and i rinse it only half out. I have been experimenting with regular conditioners as leave ins until my bwc arrives. I take about a pea size ammt of aloeba or avalon lavender condish & mix with water in my palms, then rub my hands together to thin it out & distribute through my hair. then i may add a dot of rockin ringlets which is a sample and too expensive (17.50 plus taxes & shipping). No mater what i put in my hair after I shower product-wise My hair gets a bit fuzzy on the canpoy. There is nothing I can "add" that will make a difference, so i wait awhile til my hair is about %80 dry, they I sweep it up into a pony or a pony twist and leave it for awhile. when i take it down it is wavy & smooth & natural. if my hair frizzes up during the day, a pony twist for awhile works wonders for me...smooths it out while allowing my waves to so their own "random" thing. no product but leave in works hair feels soooooo soft! I love it!! next morning I put it up in the shower & when i'm dressed & eat etc I take out the pony twist & dampen the canopy & ends with a bit of water. THAT'S IT. back up into a twist or bun to dry for about 1/2 hr while i clean the kitchen etc, take it down & awesome smooth waveyness again!. same on day 3!!! I have looked at your pictures, my hair could look this curly but only with a lot of product & diffusing (I don't heat dry ever). I have to say, I love how my hair looks now more than ever because it feels so good, healthy, product-free & I can touch it, put it up, go out in the rain, whatever and just by putting it up ito a bun or twist it looks great product needed! except a leave in or a light...VERY light styler, maybe a dot of bouncy cream? Anyway, I'd love to get into more specifics but i'm hosting a b-day party soon and will check in later. This is my personal hair revolution, I am making the best of what nature gave me from now on, no fighting it, no trying to make it something it's not, and no spending ridiculously absurd ammonts of money on styling products that you wash out anyway! (I will always be a shampoo, condish & DT junkie though!!) . Complete detox. If it doesn't work, I don't want it. all of the crap under my sink is outta here, I have lots of curly & straight friends who would love it, and if it didn't work for me when I bought it, it won't work now, or 2 months down the road because guess what? My hair is not going to change. but the ammount of respect i show it has. (again, a HUGE thanks to this board for opening my eyes to the many intircacies of hair care product ingredients!)
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