Well I'm as white as they come so I don't get asked it but my husband is Jamaican. My daughter has a pretty dark skin tone considering how fair I am (blonde hair and blue eyes) as well as 4a hair so I get asked all the time...."is she yours?" What kind of question is that????? When I say "yes" they like to point out how different we look, like apparently I'm not sure if I gave birth to her or not and they need to set me straight.

What's funny is that while my daughter looks like she is full black, my son looks like he's full white. My husband is a mix of black, white and Indian (you wouldn't know it looking at him) so technically our kids are more white than anything and about 3/8 black. Ever since my son was born people stopped asking me about my children, I think now they're so confused they're speechless. Thank goodness because I can't be bothered to explain the concept of interracial relationships anymore.
Proud mum of 2 beautiful curly children. 3 year old daughter has 4a curls with a hint of 4b and 1 year old son has 2c curls.