I agree with Naturalista...e-wax, if used correctly, doesn't have to be all icky feeling. I think it depends on the product.

And hippychic...don't even get me started on the chocolate smell!!! I am sitting here with my Cocolatte now...and was reading the ingredients like wait...how the hell does this smell like chocolate when she doesn't list any kind of fragrance oil and shea butter DOES NOT smell like chocolate...
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e-wax is draggy. Period. It makes a good lotion, but for some people, it feels too waxy on hair. Ecomulse (or other emulsifiers) are better for hair. Ecomulse is just superior to e-wax period. If sheamoisture would substitute ecomulse for e-wax you will be able to tell the difference very easily. It's just better, feels better and does more in terms of moisturizing than e-wax can.

It does depend on the product, you can compare a product that has e-wax solely as the emulsifier and another product that has no e-wax, you will know which one feels better. In hair products, e-wax is used in combination with other hair conditioning emulsifiers for a better feel (also cuts costs because e-wax is usually cheaper than more superior emulsifiers)