BINGO. Maybe that's why her butters are molding and/or smelling funny and people are complaining about the consistency issue. You've got to admit, when she first started out, i don't recall ANYONE complaining about stuff getting moldy fast or about them seperating. Once she started added more stuff to her butters and changing the ingredients,...that's when the complaints started.
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Damn!! Beat me to the punch NCC!! ^5!!

E-wax doesn't have to be all bad. I don't deal in wax, but is it all all or nothing phenomena? How much you need to emulsify is product dependent, and if she's using something additional to emulsify to make the consistency more uniform can you you really predict what you'll get, especially if heat is added to the mix?
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I'm not denying whatever she is doing is shady (whatever it is we don't know). I'm just saying e-wax feels very different from ecomulse. Even if you have a little (and all you need is a little to emulsify depending on your formula. E-wax would not give the same product feel as ecomulse. I've used both, so I know. And if you mix them both you will not get the same feel as either and it still won't be as good as ecomulse

Yes, people started complaining when she added the ricemilk. Things like that milk powders, even aloe are tricky to preserve, so you have to know what you are doing. If at first her preservative system was working right and then she added the milk and didn't see if her system is working with the new formula, then that's what you get spoiled milk smell
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A bunch of her conditioners are mainly organic aloe, like the first word on the ingredients. So what are you guys saying? That her products aren't worth buying because they spoil easily or either they don't work properly?
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