An AfroVeda Consulting report...not much, but very interesting and may explain all her tomfoolery.
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DAYUM...its amazing what you can find on the internet.

This line made me laugh out loud "Each Ayurveda recipe is intricately delicate and requires much attention to detail, which simply cannot be guaranteed if a third party were to assume charge"

Actually, I think if she went and got everything outsourced to a third party manufucturer, things might be better, but its hard to do that when 75% of your products are bases (Assuming the butters are not)
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I KNOW!!!!--we should NOT be able to find this at all

Things would be better if she outsourced, but I can understand her position of not wanting to. She can find a good company to do this. There are two places in Texas that I know of that she can use. There are agreements and such that can be filled to put her mind at ease. That might be better than all this mess...

ETA: yea, if she is using bases, she can't actually outsource (unless she is using the bases that the contract manufacturer has to offer). If she wants them to create her products , she will need a formula and it doesn't look like she has any for any of her products (maybe the butters)

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