+1. Plus, a dry blend containing fatty alcohols and an emulsifier isn't a base per se. You have to add the water, oils, herbs, preservative, etc yourself making it a unique formula. Bulk liquid, cream and butter bases are pre-fabricated formulas that already contain all the water, oils, herbs, preservative, etc needed. The customer only needs to add scent to finish. Naturmulse is an emulsifier like BTMS and a million others out there which every emulsion needs, commercial or handmade. Without an emulsifier the product will separate.
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using a blend of emulsifiers is not the same as a base. Otherwise, we can say that everyone who uses BTMS is using a base and that's not true at all. A base is an emulsion (in the case of conditioner or lotion) that is created in bulk and all you need to do is add fragrance and preservative (and sometimes just fragrance)
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Right, that's what I was pointing out...that there's a difference between a liquid pre-fab base and an emulsifier. I used Naturmulse and BTMS as examples of an emulsifier as opposed to a pre-fab base. Someone referred to naturmulse as a base.
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yes, I saw that other post, too lazy to find it and quote it. I was agreeing with you