I'm just not happy with the effort it takes to keep it that way.
This is what got me startd. The fact that I thought my hair had to be an "effort". That I had to "make" it look a certain way. This is the dualit of wavy hair. it will not look or behave the same way throughout the day because of so many external factors. With wavy hair, if the wind gets at it, it changes. if you tuck it behind your ears, it straigtens. if it gets humid, it curls or frizzes up. products will not change this fact about wavy hair. Myself, I have thrown in the towel. my hair wins. i'll just do my best to keep it healthy and thank God I have it at all and don't need a wig or a head scarf. I've spent too much money and too much time trying to change what "is", and searhing for some wonder-product that will solve all of my hair's needs...it doesn't exist for me (other than a good leave in and possibly a no-hold styler) because my hair changes from morning to night, day to day. The most 'fussing" with my hair I am willing to allow is a good 30 min deep treatment once a week. So bring on the rain, wind, sand, and fingers, I for one could care less because i have my new secret weapon...a ponytail elastic! (seriously). Mind you, if jessicurl's new product is as great as it sounds, i'll have to give that a try, that would be perfect, a smoothing no-hold cream with no silicones...*sighs hopefully*.
"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"