I've decided not to mess with my hair too much. It turns out best that way.
ITA. I think sometimes all of the product experimentation can make one's hair look awful. I remember awhile back I was trying Redken All Soft, which REALLY frustrated me because it smells heavenly, and fro the firs week or so my hair looked and felt incredible. i thought I;d found my perfect poo & condish. then it turned on me like a striking union worker
(no offense to any striking union workers). Things got ugly fast as with many of the "popular" salon lines. my hair began to look really dull & dry, so I loaded on the All soft Deep treatment...much worse. I could't figure it out! I was only pooing every 2nd or 3rd day and I don't blowdry or heat style...why was it looking so bad? My much more enlightened self now realizes that the silicones were the issue. silicones in the shampoo & silicones in the condish & even in the DT and more in whaterver styling product i was using (I believe it was PM styling glaze). So basically I was coating my hair with silicones every 2 days and never washing it off. Nice mess. This happened with drugstore lines and salon lines alike. it was all about the ingredients. once i found appropriate products (thanks in large to the great ladies at this site!) i haven't had a build up problem since. and by limiting what I put on it for syling I have noticed a change in my hair, it is more consistent now. maybe it doesn't look as "fabulous" as the one day a month I could coax it into looking like I wanted with 3 different products and convaluted washing & styling techniques that began the night before & carried on into the next morning, but it looks healthy and soft (though I'd like a bit more definition) and basically the same day after day. i don't have to worry anymore each day what my hair is going to "do" and what products i should use to attempt to convince it otherwise. I will always be on the lookout for a reasonably priced creamy styler with no silicones and minimum to nil hold, so if you know of any, please share! It may be one that I've never tried.
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