Okay i know someone posted a thread about the ohm products recently, but i didn't wanna hijack her thread cuz she wanted to know about other products besides the SHP.

So i'm wondering..is anyone still loving the hair pudding? Is it still living up to the hype? How are you using it and do you have pictures?? l0l Spill it and show it!

I was using this exclusively for wash and go's but because i have so many products it got pushed to the side. I recently brought this back out for like the past two weeks and have been using it as a moisturizer/sealer over my leave in spritz and OMG my hair is so lush. It feels great and looks lovely, nice shine/sheen to it. I thought i wouldn't repurchase this, but i'm thinking i might actually order the large size once i'm out.

ETA: For my own shameless camera whoring. This is the pudding used for my bantu knots and this is the knot out.

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