I think my quest is to find a hairstyle that will work with my wavy hair. About 2 months ago I had my hair cut into more layers - trying to see if the waves would increase into curls. This was HUGE mistake because - as I know now - the waves don't even get to complete their form until my hair is a certain length. So now instead of nice soft s-waves I have little "flips" where an uncompleted wave is poking out! So I am officially in 'grow-out' mode.
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I relate to this one! I let a stylist (not my current one) talk me into cutting my hair Hally Berry short so my waves could create movement. Now, nine months later, my hair is barely chin length and my shortest layer is comfortably touching the top of my ears. Until the past month or so, I had those exact flips, and I just had to let them grow into the rest of a wave or curl.

At some time, I'm going to have to write a post about all the brands I don't trust now and why I don't surcome to product junkie curiousity over every single one anymore (though some still tempt me).

Summer has been particularly hard on my hair this year since it's the first summer I haven't straightened my hair (now that I live in FL, it's fruitless), and the heat and humidity here have really limited what my hair will allow. 90% of products have given me huge frizz during summer. Where my hair wasn't picky at all over shampoos, my hair has been enormously narrowminded about sulfates. Basically, my hair decided to have two reactions to sulfate-containing poos: frizzy and incredibly poofy and frizzy. Most of what I've tried has either made my hair less frizzy but barely wavy or somewhat frizzy and somewhat curly.

I know how you feel! I don't have a lot of answers, but I do relate!