Personally I think the rudeness factor of the question is dependent on the context of the conversation (are we already talking about race or are you some random person just asking me a question?) and will determine my response. Having grown up in a predominately "white" neighborhood (notice I hyphenated white bc what is "white & blk" anyway? we are all mixed w/something & white can mean anything from italian, irish, german, etc. ancestry just like blk can mean african, indian, 'white', creole...etc. etc..its just a simple label to encompass a bunch of different races based solely on ones skin complexion) so can we please pleeeeease let that go...especially that I'm 1/4 this and 3/4ths that...really who cares? Does it make you any better than someone else because you have more ____ in you than ___?

Anyway, my point was that I've grown up in a predominately white area and I have always been asked are you mixed but until this past yr it never really bothered me until I was at wk. I had this one boy look at me and say "what are you". I was like wtf do you mean what am I?! It took all of my strength not to knock him the f**k out! First of all I'm a person just like you. Bottom line. I didn't even answer his question and tried to walk away but he kept going on and on. Next came "well aren't you going to answer me?...I mean you don't look all black. Are you mixed with asian or part hispanic or something".

During another conversation at work about race I was asked again if I was mixed. I consider myself "blk" and don't outwardly identify w/anyother race (not bc I'm ashamed but because it's not first generation). Both of my grandmother's are mixed w/blk, white & indian and my dad has "that good hair" (people actually tell him 'you don't have hair like most blk people'...again wtf! and my son is just beginning preschool and the white teachers are always touching his hair and talking about how 'pretty it is'. I mean all 'blk hair' supposed to be dry,nappy and hard to manage?!)

During that conversation at wk after I revealed my ancestry I then got 'oh...that's why you have a white girl nose and Oh thats why your cheek bones are so high and your eyes don't open all the way'. I really don't understand why people constantly want to place labels on others just so that they can feel comfortable. I have no control over what my ancestors did, who they laid in bed with nor do I have any control over what others did either. However just because my nose isn't wide or my eyes are slanted it doesn't mean that you have the right to invade my privacy or try and give a history exam just to satisfy ones curiousity.

To all who are asking out of noseiness vs genuine interest please get a fu**in life...there are more important things going on in the world then who laid down w/who!