Avocado Coconut milk Hair butter - I think how you use it makes a difference. I use it mostly on dry hair for 2nd + day moisture, mixed with Devacurl Set it Free and scrunched in. A very small amount. I may also scrunch it on wet hair over a leave-in for a moisture hit -again, a small amount.

These days, my hair is liking thicker products for 2nd and 3rd day styling: Devacurl Set Up and Above, Botanical Spirits, Aquage Gellade, Qhemet Olive Honey Hair Balm.
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Meh. My jar had too much wax in it. It wasn't even spreadable. I added coconut milk, glycerin and avocado oil to it and a got a nice creamy, whipped consistency.

Are you still using the curl tamer conditioner? I think I got a bad batch of that one too. Way too acidic and watery.
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The deep conditioner? I haven't reordered, but I like it. It was pretty thick.
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Not anymore. As I said above she took out the coffee butter so it is thin with no emolliency and no slip. I was so disappointed.