Starry--I have heard great things about Dep Sport Gel and Suave Aloe Vera Gel--I am presently giving Suave Styling Gel a try--it has a soft to med. hold without crunch. Also, Salon Selectives Molding Putty I am playing with--I like this as well. It usually takes me a few weeks to get a handle on the products--I have re-ordered Angell. I used it in the Spring and was breaking out--thinking it was due to the gel, I stopped using it--but I think it was some other evil force at work. And JulieHoosiers posts about Devachan has ignited my interest to lay off all the layering of products I have done, and the gobs of condish. I have used, and to use a lighter hand and see what happens. I find that layering products gets me hugely frustrated, as the product should stand on its own merit.....But I hear everyone's frustration and I can totally agree with each one of you
2C/3A auburn hair.
between shoulders and BSL