afrosheenqueen - I am BostonMaria over at LHCF and I mentioned something similar to your comment
The ladies over there pretty much had a freakin fit whenever people (including me) would get mad at Hairveda for sending products 4 weeks after we paid for our items. If you search the old "I'm in love with Hairveda" thread from Nov-Dec 2008 these women were e-ganging up on us LMFAO about how we have to wait, these items are hand made, we either need to have patience or buy stuff from CVS. It really turned me off and I stopped ordering from Hairveda. I did place an order in Sept and I will finally receive my products this week, exactly a month later.

I found out about the bases about 9 months ago and made a decision to just make my own stuff at home. It curbed my PJism big time. If items are really made at home I will wait, no problem. But once I found out at the reason why it would take so long is because these items needed to be placed with a warehouse first and THEN my stuff would be shipped... just doesn't sit well with me.
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I didn't realize how much faith people put into these companies. You couldn't even question them? That's sad.

I take the advice from Ronald Reagan for most things: "Trust, but Verify" LOL
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Read from this page forward: from post 1043 (that's me!) and down
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right now id be saying some unpleasant things about LHCF... but it's sunday... ill be back in an hour and a half (after 12am)

i will say that happens to be my fave hair board. nappturality is too naziish and lhcf is too... well idk... the members (not ALL) on those sites just rub me the wrong way, makes me never want to come out of lurking on them. hell i hardly even lurk. they make me mad.