People are gonna see what they want to see. *kanyeshrug* I listed several items from Hairveda which are clearly bases sold by well-known wholesale base companies. I'm sure as more people get curious...more companies will be listed in this thread as using consumers the opportunity to buy their favorite products at a much lower price point...Regardless of the muddy ethical issues brought up regarding Afroveda/Hairveda.
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divadee, trust me I already bookmarked them all!!! I will probably not bother with the BMT flakes only because I don't like the Moist Condition Pro or the Moist Condition 24/7. I'll go with the base conditioners from the Essential Wholesale website.

Keenyme, I hear ya. I am a member of LHCF and I post over there pretty much all day. Every board has its pros and cons. I go back and forth between the two sites. This one is more geared towards natural hair. I like LHCF because I can focus (obsess?) over my hair growth. I try to ignore any users that are catty, but that goes for both sites.
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