People are gonna see what they want to see. *kanyeshrug* I listed several items from Hairveda which are clearly bases sold by well-known wholesale base companies. I'm sure as more people get curious...more companies will be listed in this thread as using consumers the opportunity to buy their favorite products at a much lower price point...Regardless of the muddy ethical issues brought up regarding Afroveda/Hairveda.
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No I agree. I'm all for being educated consumers. Knowledge is most def power. As such, we need to be clear with that knowledge and not spread misinformation. Saying that the conditioner concentrates are bases is scientifically incorrect, that's all. Now I will agree that for those people that want to tinker around with the concentrate to make their own conditioner, this knowledge is helpful. But to call it a base is incorrect. I'm all for buying the cheaper base if available, and just placed an order today. But I just want to make sure that we are not giving out misinformation.
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