I think all forums have issues. People are people and there is bound to be disagreement and misunderstanding....sigh

I joined nappturality when I bc'd. The only useful thing I got out of that membership was info about natural hair care lines mainly QB (because the others did NADA for me lol). I let my subscription expire and my account was closed. I won't be rejoining. The atmosphere was more hostile than necessary. Honestly I think some of them were drinking some expired Black Panther juice...just sayin' (this in addition to the censorship blah)

I lurk on LHCF. I'm not joining. I'm not obsessed about growth/length. My hair grows so...whatev. I go on there to look at pics. I've noticed how too many of them are... know-it-all-know-nothings. As in too quick to give advice when based on there replies they haven't understood or even read the original post. I saw a post on there from someone looking for a silicone-free, protein-free and oil-free conditioner. They kept telling her to seal with oil. I'm not fond of know-it-alls. And some of them are rude for no reason. Just because the internet is anonymous doesn't mean you have to throw tact into the wind. At least I don't.

I'm on BHM too. The atmosphere is quite nice. Quiet...but nice.
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I didn't know you had to pay for nappturality! I joined back in 2002 not long after she started. I left after it got too nasty ('04) I know it cost $$$ to run a website though...
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