nappturality turned me off when some girl w/ 3b/3c type hair started a thread saying she wished she had kinkier hair and all the posters cursed her out. it wouldnt be so bad if they were "cursing" her saying she should accept HER texture or something like that, but they were basically accusing her of trying to make them jealous, and shes just making fun of them or some crap like that. i believe the thread got locked or something... maybe they took it down, idk. but every thread i read on that site seemed to deterorate into extreme hostility and people forming whole arguments based on something they THOUGHT a poster was saying (sometimes they MADE UP the other poster's argument even when they werent arguing anything).

I lurk on LHCF. I'm not joining. I'm not obsessed about growth/length. My hair grows so...whatev. I go on there to look at pics. I've noticed how too many of them are... know-it-all-know-nothings. As in too quick to give advice when based on there replies they haven't understood or even read the original post. I saw a post on there from someone looking for a silicone-free, protein-free and oil-free conditioner. They kept telling her to seal with oil. I'm not fond of know-it-alls. And some of them are rude for no reason. Just because the internet is anonymous doesn't mean you have to throw tact into the wind. At least I don't.
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<== yea, that's basically how i feel. and the groupthink seems to be at a higher level over there.

i cant say much about BHM. ive been there once or twice but i cant base my opinions on the posts i saw b/c those were on SPECIFIC topic that i googled (basically i went looking for ignorance and happened to find it there) so im sure those arent typical threads. is just the most tolerable to me for some reason. but, different strokes for different folks.

i HAVE seen some drama on this site.

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