It took me too long to finally realize that no amount of coaxing, products, and styling techniques will ever give me perfectly beautiful curls - Never. Ever. Period. Some are better on my hair than others, but none will turn my 2B/C hair into 3A or 3B. And now that I have accepted this fact, I have slowed wayyy down on product purchases. Not only am I saving a lot of money and time, but I am much happier with my hair now that I don't expect it to be curly (or straight, for that matter - my hair is nearly impossible to straighten without a lot of time-consuming work).
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Same here. I finally gave up on trying to get my hair to be curlier. It's just not happening. I have found a way to reduce frizz though. I used to think my hair wasn't dry, so I didn't deep condition or use leave-in. But I started using Ouidad Deep Treatment and Balancing Rinse, and it really does add internal weight to my hair to keep it from puffing up.
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