Wavy hair almost NEVER looks the same way twice...EVER. This is frustrating in that a product that makes your hair look good one day but not the next. A curl enhancer may woek great one day when your haie decides it is in a 'curly" mood, but the next day it may want to be sraight and the sme product will look gunky & dirty. One day a light leave in may produce full sof waves...add some hunidity next day & you have uncontrollable frizz. wavy hair is extremely sensitive to over/under conditioning and improper use of styling products. Wavy hair can look amazing, but often due to some cleansing/conditioning/styling/meteoralogical imbalance it can also look like hell. wavy haie probably has more "bad hair days" that straight ore true curlies bechuase our hair is largely schzophrenic, two-faced & generally unreliable. People with wavy hair have to have a great sense of humor. Wavy haired people have to be able to adapt at a moment's notice and accept change, because our hair can, and will go from curly to wavy to pin straight just by adding or removing a ponytail elastc or barrette.
Incidentally, all of the phenomena you've described isn't specific to wavies. My hair is definitely more curly than wavy, but I have, and do, experience all the same woes everyone on this thread has described. I know, it doesn't fix the problem, but at least you know that it's not just wavies!
Hair type: Completely confused: mostly 3a, some 3b parts, and even 2 in places; very fine and thin.
Products: Elucence clarifying & MBC; CK, F/X Curl Booster Fixative Gel (when I can find it)