Thank you!! Right now I am using almost all Deva. I've HAD the Deva products for quite a while - I just really didn't know how to use them properly. So, my hair never came out right. I'm more focused now and able to use them the way they're supposed to be used. Plus, I've discovered rudeechick's super soaker method - that made a HUGE difference for me. I have some other products on order to try. We'll see how the others stack up against Deva. Who knows?... Maybe I'll find my HG![/font]
Originally Posted by RacerWife7
WOW!!! i thought your hair was pretty in the first pic hehe, but now, absolutely beautiful!
if you dont mind me asking, what do you mean using them properly? i have all of the deva products and they're ok. so now im wondering if maybe it's the way i'm using them...tia!
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