miacurl, have you tried the condish?? If not, I think you should RUN to your nearest store and get some because I tried this stuff tonight and I LOVE it! Seriously, it was the closest thing to Too Shea I have used for moisture imo. I used about 2 50-cent piece size globs (or maybe a little less) and it really cut through the tangles which I was able to finger-comb out. It was very rich and moisturizing, which is why my hair felt nice and seaweedy before I rinsed it out. I was almost tempted to do a DT with it, but I thought since it was my first trial of it I should use it as normal. I'm taking my regular size bottle back and getting the liter size!

Sonny, I did happen to know it was the same parent company as Elucence, which is probably why I could see some similiarities in its properties and ingredients list. Good point!
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07